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Seaside Los Jameos transforms your holiday into a Health and Wellness Experience

Nov 24, 2023

Seaside Los Jameos, a pioneering hotel in Europe collaborating with cancer prevention. 

Every project has its reason, its underlying purpose. The 1st Cancer Prevention Day at Seaside Los Jameos Hotel, on the island of Lanzarote, was created with a very clear purpose: to provide information on healthy eating and lifestyle habits, and what better time to engage in this enlightening journey than during our well-deserved holidays? Rather than dreading these days of relaxation and perceiving them as a potential threat to our healthy routines, we might as well turn them into an enriching culinary discovery, because packing for a well-deserved break does not imply abandoning our precious habits of nutrition and wellbeing. 

To accomplish this vision, on October 13th, the hotel brought together a team of 5 expert speakers in Lanzarote to address the topic of prevention from various perspectives. The prominent figure was the renowned oncologist Dr. Elisabeth Arrojo, director of the Advanced Medical Oncology Institute (INMOA) and creator of the National Cancer Prevention Center (CNPC). She explained that diet is the most influential factor in the onset of cancer. She discussed the current trend in cancer cases and emphasised the crucial role that nutrition plays. Furthermore, Dr. Arrojo also highlighted the responsibility that adults bear regarding the future of our children, particularly in terms of nutrition. 

After Dr. Arrojo's insightful presentation, we had the pleasure of listening to a fascinating talk by Canarian nutritionist Rocío González Cuadrado. She, too, emphasised the significance of nutrition, along with physical activity, rest and stress management, in influencing both our susceptibility to illness and the progression of diseases. 

As someone familiar with the Seaside group and being a proud Canarian herself, Rocío highlighted Seaside Los Jameos’ noteworthy commitment to the health of its clientele, expressing a highly positive view of these informative sessions. 

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Stress also plays a direct role in the appearance of cancer, and on this topic, journalist Teresa Viejo, trained in leadership, sensitivity and curiosity, focused her presentation on the emotional perspective. She underscored the importance of attitude during the illness process and prevention. "The most important aspect of curiosity is that it is always linked to another positive emotion. Therefore, by modifying our subconscious and our behaviour through appreciative language, we can activate positive thoughts, releasing serotonin and oxytocin in our brains". She added: "Studies show that curiosity can increase life expectancy by up to 5 years".  So, can we say that optimistic people live longer?  If you believe so, you will live much longer... and happier. 

In this same line regarding the power of the mind in our daily lives, former motorcycle racer and creator of the "Conscious Incubator" method, Jorge Díaz, took part in the conference, emphasising how through meditation we are able to gain control over our thoughts and emotions.

To conclude the sessions, we had the pleasure of enjoying a presentation by chef Pablo Balbona, who, in collaboration with Dr. Arrojo, authored the book "Cocinando tu salud" (Cooking your health). Pablo unveiled the wisdom of Nature, which has assigned a colour to each food based on its properties and even changes its chromatic and nutritional palette according to the seasons. "Do we want to follow a rich and varied diet?" he said... "then eat foods of all colours and learn about the benefits they provide". 

The 1st Cancer Prevention Day at Seaside Los Jameos Hotel has come to an end! Beate Sekula, the director, and Vicente Rodríguez, the head chef, had the honor of closing the event. During their presentation, they provided a glimpse into the innovations we can look forward to in their menus for the upcoming year. Vicente shared: "Starting today, you will find a variety of salads in the buffet, such as the colourful quinoa salad, couscous salad and pearl salad with mozzarella and nuts. We have also added tuna tataki and vegetable coca with crispy cheese". Vicente is set to be the maestro behind all the delicious and healthy recipes from Pablo Balbona's book from now on. 

Chef Pablo Balbona and Chef Vicente Rodríguez, from Seaside Los Jameos. 

Chef Pablo Balbona and Chef Vicente Rodríguez, from Seaside Los Jameos. 

Why we lead the way

At Seaside Los Jameos, we have embraced this special initiative because we are passionate about doing things right. We care deeply about gastronomy and, above all, about our guests who are already part of our large family.  

For many years, we have had repeat guests who come with their entire family. We witness the growth of their children, how they get older and even how many of them come back with their partners after getting married or with their own children. It’s a privilege to see families evolve and, even better, to take care of them. 

This is what a good host does - always takes care of their own. And that is what we have wanted to do at Seaside Los Jameos: continue looking after our own and the future "ours" who come to the hotel. We aim to show them how to work on prevention by offering every day healthy cuisine in all aspects.

This is an opportunity to celebrate food diversity and discover new foods that can enrich daily nutrition. Instead of fearing holidays as a threat to healthy habits, they can embrace them as a culinary discovery journey that will enrich their lives. Moreover, we provide a stress-free environment, with a warm temperature by the sea, where our service and attention will help them unwind from the daily grind. As we have learned during these sessions, such relaxation is crucial, especially when facing challenging diseases like cancer. 

Oncologist and researcher Dr. Elisabeth Arrojo 

Oncologist and researcher Dr. Elisabeth Arrojo 

This project, for us, is a venture that comes from the soul, the soul that our chef Vicente Rodríguez always infuses into everything he does, from gathering the ingredients from the garden to preparing them, as well as in his cooking style, always with such respect and a lot of love. 

Food, Emotions and Prevention: The Journey Continues! 

The 1st Cancer Prevention Day was just the beginning of an exciting journey. At Seaside Los Jameos, we are committed to continuing to share the valuable knowledge we have gained through this inspiring initiative with all our guests. This includes not only the delicious recipes from the book 'Cocinando tu salud' that sparked this adventure but also the prevention guidelines that Dr. Elisabeth Arrojo will continue to share through her communication channels. 

These sessions have marked the beginning of a journey that recognises the importance of the high-quality gastronomy that we offer at our hotel and throughout the Seaside Collection chain. It also underlines our commitment to the wellbeing of our guests.

We are excited about what the future holds and look forward to having all of you at the 2nd Cancer Prevention Day next year. This time, the setting will be the stunning Seaside Palm Beach in Gran Canaria. In the meantime, let's continue taking care of ourselves and exploring together the path to a healthier life! Don’t miss out!