Seaside Los Jameos Museum Canario

SEASIDE LOS JAMEOS: Lanzarote's only hotel with a museum

Apr 24, 2024

Summer holidays, unlike those usually taken during the rest of the year, are about disconnecting, sunbathing, and going to the beach. There are also some activities you can do at this particular destination, such as visiting the most characteristic places. However, summer tourism rarely includes a visit to the area's museums.


Seaside Los Jameos offers a new form of tourism all year round that includes a unique journey through the culture of the Canary Islands. The hotel has its own space dedicated to island folklore in general, and to the life of Lanzarote in particular. It is the only hotel on the island with a museum inside.

This is another reflection of Seaside Los Jameos' commitment to culture, art, and good work.

Typical Lanzarote women's costumes

Various costumes of Lanzarote's rural life are exhibited at the museum. There are up to 7 different typical costumes, for both men and women. One of the most popular for the female figure consists of a short-sleeved buttoned shirt and a long skirt.

Traje típico canario mujer

The accessories include woollen sleeves, decorated with ribbons and embroidery, a coloured waistcoat, and an oval hat with a black band from which a handkerchief falls.

There is also another garment that represents the peasant woman. It has a long-sleeved white shirt and bodice. Under the blue skirt, there is a white petticoat with a ribbon and red skirt. The costume is completed with the same type of hat and scarf as the previous outfit. 

One of the last proposals of the costume consists in a white shirt, a striped skirt, a black tie, and an apron. She also wears an oval-shaped hat, and is distinguished by a feather ornament on her black belt. In this case, instead of a handkerchief, a semi-circular toga of the same colour as the apron falls from the hat.

Typical Lanzarote men's costumes

The typical costume for men, consists of a long-sleeved, wide shirt with an embroidered waistcoat with red piping, and short breeches, decorated with tassels, under which white leggings can be shown. The accessories include a conical headpiece, a striped sash, and leggings over the shoes.

Traje típico canario hombre

In the same style, there is a second version, which leaves the waistcoat unbuttoned, revealing the linen shirt completely and a large part of the sash. In addition to the breeches and leggings, this costume stands out for its conical, pointed hat, which is very characteristic of Lanzarote and Gran Canaria.

On the other hand, and within the same chromatic range (white - black - red), the jacket suit stands out, dressed with a fedora hat known as “cachorro” hat, trousers above the ankle revealing the legs and stockings.

Lanzarote Folklore

The Seaside Los Jameos Museum also houses different farming tools, carriages, and other farming attire. A cart of the time that used to be pulled by animals, and where all the food products were transported. Also, different farming tools such as shovels, rakes, baskets or ploughs. A reliable representation of what life was like in Lanzarote, the uniqueness of their clothing, and their dedication to rural work in the countryside..

Museo LJ

Spending a few days at Seaside Los Jameos is a trip to paradise, where you can disconnect and reconnect on a charming island. But it is also a journey into the past, which allows us to get to know the land we walk on and the great culture of the island of Lanzarote.