Experience the Canary Islands Day at Seaside Los Jameos

May 15, 2024

May is a very special month for the Canary Islands. In addition to the different events taking place all over the islands - Maspalomas Pride on Gran Canaria, Volcano Fest on Tenerife or Ironman on Lanzarote - this little corner of Spain celebrates its public holiday. Specifically, the 30th of May is Canary Islands Day. 

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The choice of this date is linked to a great event that marked the constitutional history of the archipelago. It was in 1982, when the Canary Islands inaugurated the parliamentary session. This milestone was part of the body established by the Statute of Autonomy of the Canary Islands, in accordance with the principles of the Spanish Constitution of 1978.  

Just one year later, on 30th May 1983, the first parliamentary session took place, thus symbolising the foundation of the Canary Islands Day.       

History of the Canary Islands Day 

This session was held in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, under the presidency of Pedro Guerra Cabrera, who was a member of the Canary Islands socialist parliamentary group (PSC-PSOE). During his inaugural speech, the deputy emphasised the importance of building a solid island region, with greater self-government, ‘from now on and forever’.   

However, Guerra Cabrera was not the only protagonist in this story. In the 12-month period, there were other celebrities who also stood out for their determination to set a date to celebrate Canary Islands Day. One of them was Oswaldo Brito, a member of “Grupo Mixto”, who tabled a non-legislative proposal on 9th February 1983, which was accepted by agreement of the Provisional Parliamentary Bureau of the Canary Islands.   

A month later, in March, a new parliamentary debate was held to resolve the previous proposal. Admitted and approved unanimously, in that same session the Socialist Group proposed setting Canary Islands Day on the same date as the official constitution of Parliament, which was established as 30th May of that year.    

Celebration of the Canary Islands Day 

On 30th May 1984, Canary Islands Day began to be officially celebrated on all the islands. Symbolic, cultural and festive events, which have become established up to the present day, promoted by all the competent institutions, from Island Councils and Town Councils, to local, public, and private associations and groups.     

With the clear aim of promoting its traditions, the Autonomous Community celebrates the Day of the Canary Islands in style, with folk festivals, where the “taifa” or magician dances stand out, showing not only the art of dance, but also the spectacular typical Canarian costumes. Along the same lines, typical Canarian sports are also remembered during this celebration, as well as the different autochthonous games. Canarian gastronomy is also an important part of the celebrations for this day and is characterised by its variety of flavours and the use of fresh, local ingredients. Some of the most typical dishes that can be enjoyed on Canary Islands Day include the famous mojo picón with wrinkled potatoes or pella de gofio with typical cheeses from the islands.

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Moreover, you can visit different fairs and craft exhibitions, which represent the idiosyncrasy of the Canary archipelago.      

Seaside Los Jameos on the Canary Islands Day   

At Seaside Los Jameos we dress up to transmit the Canarian feeling to our guests. The whole team wears the typical costume, giving colour and joy to our hotel during the Canary Islands Day.   


In this regard, it is worth mentioning that Seaside Los Jameos has a Canarian Museum within the hotel's facilities, where not only traditional farming and gala dress is exhibited, but also Canarian agricultural material. Although there are up to 7 different traditional costumes, both for men and women, only a few examples are exhibited in the hotel museum. The short-sleeved buttoned shirt and long skirt for women; and the long, wide-sleeved shirt with an embroidered waistcoat with red piping, and short breeches for men stand out.  

A gift for everyone who passes through Seaside Los Jameos, a journey through time that recalls, as Guerra Cabrera said, the Day of the Canary Islands ‘from now and forever’.    



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